Overview Edit

The Global Privacy and Information Quality Working Group (GPIQWG) within the U.S. Department of Justice provides resources accessible online to assist justice agencies interested in considering the civil rights and civil liberties implications of their information collection and sharing initiatives.

It is a cross-functional, multidisciplinary working group composed of private and local, state, tribal, and federal justice agency representatives. The GPIQWG assists governmental and nongovernmental agencies and institutions involved in the justice system in ensuring that personally identifiable information is appropriately collected, maintained, used, and disseminated within evolving integrated justice information systems.

It addresses accuracy and reliability issues involved in updating criminal history records with subsequent events (e.g., prosecution, adjudication) when those events cannot be linked to an arrest notation previously entered into the criminal history repository. This work includes exploring biometrics technologies and addressing the privacy and information quality issues these technologies present.

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