Citation Edit

OECD, Committee for Information, Computers and Communications Policy, Global Information Infrastructure-Global Information Society (GII-GIS) Report (1997) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This background report examines developments in GII-GIS and provides recommendations on policies. The report seeks to provide an overview of GII-GIS and of the benefits and challenges from these developments. Emphasis in the report is placed on elaborating a set of recommendations for OECD economies aimed at facilitating the transition from closed markets with no, or limited competition, such as in the telecommunication and broadcasting areas, to open and dynamic markets.

The report, while addressed to OECD governments, recognizes that all social partners need to play an important role in the transformation of existing economic and social structures, and places importance on allowing the private sector to take the lead in the economic and commercial development and implementation of the GII-GIS. The report also recognizes that the development of a global information society can help government contribute to further enhancement of public goals.

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