Overview Edit

The Global Command and Control System-Joint (GCCS-J) is a command, control and communications system, consisting of hardware, software, procedures, standards, and interfaces to provide worldwide connectivity. The system uses DISN and must work over tactical communication systems to ensure connectivity with deployed forces in the tactical environment.

GCCS-J employs an open system client-server architecture that allows a diverse group of commercial-off-the-shelf and government-off-the-shelf software packages to operate at any GCCS-J location. GCCS-J fuses select C2 systems capabilities into a comprehensive, interoperable system by exchanging imagery, intelligence, status of forces, and planning information. GCCS-J provides a robust and seamless C2 systems capability to the combatant commands, Secretary of Defense (SecDef), the National Military Command Center (NMCC), JFCs, and Service component commanders.

GCCS-J offers vital connectivity to the systems joint forces and authorized mission partners use to plan, execute, and manage military operations. In addition to GCCS-J, the GCCS family of systems also includes GCCS-Army, GCCS-Maritime, TBMCS, Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution System, and the C2 systems portion of the Joint Environmental Toolkit.

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