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The Global Broadcast Service (GBS) is a DOD program for wide area broadcast of commonly shared information. GBS is capable of providing a wide range of video and/or data services on a broadcast-only basis to widely dispersed elements. Critical nodes are typically receiving terminals in support of designated C2 operations, but may include in-theater injection (transmitting) points if available.

GBS provides a high-capacity near-worldwide military-owned SATCOM broadcast capability for dissemination of information products. The broadcast signals are transmitted to a large inventory of user-receive units worldwide. This capability makes possible a high data rate bit stream of video, data, imagery, and other information from high-powered broadcast satellites to a large section of the force structure and numerous warfighting platforms. The broadcast is transmitted from a limited number of fixed and deployable injection terminals controlled by the CCDRs, and managed by a broadcast management segment in each satellite field of view.

The information being transmitted is collected from a myriad of sources and packaged for broadcast injection by the satellite broadcast manager or theater injection points. CCDR theater information managers nominate and monitor CCDR priorities, authorize user access, coordinate broadcast schedules, and allocate resources. There are three primary injection points operating to support the Pacific, European, and Central Command theaters, along with numerous receive suites acquired by the Services to support operating forces.

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