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Definition Edit

Geospatial metadata (also geographic metadata, or simply metadata when used in a geographic context)

is a type of metadata that is applicable to objects that have an explicit or implicit geographic extent, in other words, are associated with some position on the surface of the globe. It represents the who, what, when, where, why and how of the resource.
provides a way to describe geospatial data and other electronic records. It contains such information as the coordinate system, when the data was created, when it was last updated, who created it and how to contact them and definitions for any of the code attribute data.[1]

Overview Edit

Geospatial metadata commonly document geographic digital data such as Geographic Information System (GIS) files, geospatial databases, and earth imagery but can also be used to document geospatial resources including data catalogs, mapping applications, data models and related websites.

References Edit

  1. Geoarchiving Glossary (full-text).

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