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Overview Edit

The Geospatial Multistate Archive and Preservation Partnership (GeoMapp) (formerly the "Multi-State Demonstration Project for Preservation of State Government Digital Information") was formed in 2007 to address the challenges associated with identifying, preserving and providing long-term access to temporally significant digital geospatial content in state and local governments; dynamic data that is at-risk of being lost when updates are made.

Project objectives include exploring advanced methods to provide access to and ensure the long-term preservation of archived geospatial data; developing business planning tools and documentation to support the creation of materials to solicit or maintain sustainable funding for geoarchiving programs; engaging in outreach to local, state, and federal geospatial data creators and national GIS and archives bodies and industry to highlight the issues of data preservation; and documentation of best practices and lessons learned from technical explorations and outreach efforts in all 50 states.

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