Definition Edit

A geomagnetic storm is "a temporary disturbance of the Earth's magnetic field resulting from solar activity."[1]

Overview Edit

Geomagnetic storms

can induce geo-electric fields in the Earth's crust, driving electric currents in long conductors on or near the Earth's surface. These induced geo-electric fields present a risk to the reliable operation of electric power systems and may affect gas and oil pipelines, railways, and other infrastructures that have long conductive paths. . . . Depending on the severity of the geomagnetic storm, cascading system failure or damage could lead to regional interruptions of electrical power distribution and result in complications with recovery and restoration efforts. [2]

"These natural phenomena are sometimes powerful enough to disrupt the Bulk-power system. If the disruption is sufficiently severe, a Grid Security Emergency could result."[3]

References Edit

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  3. Grid Security Emergency Orders: Procedures for Issuance.

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