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The GSA Online University (OLU) is the General Services Administration's employee-only online portal that provides a range of training and development resources aimed at professional and skills enhancement, open to all GSA employees. OLU offers 2,000 courses on subjects ranging from desktop computer skills to business and professional IT skills, and even compliance training. Mandatory training courses are offered, and course transcripts are automatically sent to GSA's Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS) so employees have a record of their completed training. OLU also offers online access to numerous books.

GSA Online University allows all GSA staff — whether junior or senior, just starting their careers or with years of experience — to benefit from the advantages of continuing education: becoming more marketable in a competitive marketplace, learning different ways of thinking, and expanding community and social relationships. And, importantly, to gain that knowledge on a convenient, individual timetable.

Source Edit

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