Citation Edit

GRS 24, Information Technology Operations and Management Records (Apr. 2010) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This schedule provides disposal authorization for certain files created and maintained in the operation and management of information technology (IT) and related services.

This schedule does not cover all records relating to information technology operations and management. Offices with responsibility for IT operations also maintain administrative records covered by other GRS and records not in the GRS that must be scheduled by the federal agency. In addition, this GRS does not apply to system data or information content, which must be scheduled separately.

The disposition instructions apply to records regardless of physical form or characteristics. Records may be maintained on paper, in microform, or electronically. Dispositions apply, however, only to records that are maintained as described in each item or subitem. If documents are part of a larger case file or recordkeeping system that contains records not covered in this GRS, federal agencies must separately schedule that file or system. If records covered by more than one item in this schedule are maintained together in one file or recordkeeping system, federal agencies must retain the records for the longest retention period authorized for those items.

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