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In 2008 the Global Positioning System Directorate (GPS Directive) established a program to develop the next generation of GPS satellites named GPS III.

GPS III satellites are designed to have the capabilities found on GPS IIF satellites plus increases in jam resistance, accuracy, and design life; a new civil signal compatible with the European Galileo system; and a satellite bus capable of supporting future satellite capability additions.

Program segments Edit

The GPS III space segment, which comprises a constellation or collection of PNT satellites orbiting the Earth; a new ground control segment; and a military GPS user equipment segment. GPS III is an acquisition program to develop and field a new generation of satellites to supplement and eventually replace GPS satellites currently in use. The ground control segment, which operates the GPS satellite constellation, is being replaced for all existing and future GPS satellites.

Risks reduction Edit

One of the program's risk reduction efforts includes research on dual launch initiatives to support two satellites launching on one launch vehicle. The GPS program office attributes current cost growth issues to reductions in the program's production rate, test equipment delays, and inefficiencies in the development of both the navigation and communication payload and satellite bus. The first GPS III satellite is expected to be ready for launch in May 2014.

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