Citation Edit

GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA), Pub. L. No. 111-352, 124 Stat. 3866 (Jan. 4, 2011).

Overview Edit

GPRAMA requires important performance information, including agency performance plans and reports, to be available via a central, government-wide website. GPRAMA further requires the OMB to post a list of all federal programs identified by agencies with related budget and performance information, and quarterly updates on agency priority goals (APG) and cross-agency priority (CAP) goals on the website.[1]

GPRAMA requires certain agencies, as determined by the OMB, to develop a limited number of agency priority goals every two years. These goals are to reflect the highest priorities of each selected agency, as identified by the head of the agency, and be informed by broad crosscutting federal government priority goals (also known as cross- agency priority goals), as well as input from relevant congressional committees. GPRAMA requires that these cross-agency priority goals are developed by the OMB, in coordination with agencies and in consultation with Congress, every four years, and should be long-term goals for a limited number of crosscutting policy areas and management improvement areas.[2]

References Edit

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