Citation Edit

Government Accountability Office, GAO Technology Readiness Assessment Guide: Best Practices for Evaluating the Readiness of Technology for Use in Acquisition Programs and Projects (Exposure Draft) (GAO-16-410G) (Aug. 11, 2016) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This Guide is intendED to establish a methodology based on best practices that can be used across the federal government for evaluating technology maturity, particularly as it relates to determining a program or project's readiness to move past key decision points that typically coincide with major commitments of resources. Similar assessments can be made by technologists and program managers as knowledge-building exercises during the course of a project to help them evaluate technology maturity, gauge progress, and identify and manage risk.

The Guide is intended to provide TRA practitioners, program and technology managers, and governance bodies throughout the federal government a framework for better understanding technology maturity, conducting credible technology readiness assessments, and developing plans for technology maturation efforts. Organizations that have developed their own guidance can use the Guide to support and supplement their practices. Organizations that have not yet developed their own policies can use it to begin establishing their own guidance. As a companion to the GAO's cost and schedule assessment guides, this Guide can also help the GAO and other oversight organizations evaluate agencies' basis for their conclusions and decisions about technology readiness.

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