Citation Edit

Government Accountability Office, Freedom of Information Act: Key Website Is Generally Reliable, but Action Is Needed to Ensure Completeness of Its Reports (GAO-12-754) (June 28, 2012) (full-text).

Overview Edit

FOIA establishes a legal right of access to government information on the basis of principles of openness and accountability in government. To facilitate the public's ability to obtain information on federal agencies' compliance with FOIA and other information related to the Act, the Department of Justice launched a — in March 2011. Accordingly, GAO was requested to determine (1) the origin and reliability of the data on and (2) the actions being taken to improve and develop additional capabilities. To accomplish these objectives, GAO reviewed Justice's plan for the website and analyzed the consistency of the data on and the completeness of the results provided by the website's feature that allows users to create custom reports.

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