Citation Edit

United Nations, 3rd Global Forum on Reinventing Government, Fostering Democracy and Development through E-government (Naples, Italy) (March 15-17, 2001) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The Forum articulated the following key points:

  • E-government can consistently improve the quality of life for citizens and can create a sharp reduction of costs and time.
  • E-government will eventually transform the processes and structures of government to create a public administration less hierarchical, empowering civil servants to serve citizens better and to be more responsive to their needs.
  • E-government must be given serious consideration also in the developing countries not only for its potential for stronger institutional capacity building, for better service delivery to citizens and business (thus increasing local social and economic development), for reducing corruption by increasing transparency and social control, but also for "showing the way" to the civil society and business community.

Source Edit

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