Overview Edit

Forfás is the Irish national policy and advisory board for enterprise, trade, science, technology and innovation. It is the body in which the State's legal powers for industrial promotion and technology development have been vested. It is also the body through which powers are delegated to Enterprise Ireland for the promotion of indigenous industry and to IDA Ireland for the promotion of inward investment. The broad functions of Forfás are to:

  • advise the Minister on matters relating to the development of industry in the State;
  • advise on the development and co-ordination of policy for Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and such other bodies (established by or under statute) as the Minister may by order designate;
  • encourage the development of industry, technology, marketing and human resources in the State;
  • encourage the establishment and development in the State of industrial undertakings from outside the State; and,
  • advise and co-ordinate Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland in relation to their functions.

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