Overview Edit

The mission of the FBI's Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (FTTTF) is to provide information that helps keep foreign terrorists and their supporters out of the United States or leads to their removal, detention, prosecution or other legal action.

To do so, the FTTTF contracts with several information resellers (1) to assist in fulfilling its mission of assisting federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies in locating foreign terrorists and their supporters who are in or have visited the United States and (2) to provide information to other law enforcement and intelligence community agencies that can lead to their surveillance, prosecution, or removal.

FTTTF makes use of personal information from several commercial sources to analyze intelligence and detect terrorist activities in support of ongoing investigations by law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community. Information resellers provide FTTTF with names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other biographical and demographical information as well as legal briefs, vehicle and boat registrations, and business ownership records.

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