Citation Edit

The Recognition of Rights and the Use of Names in the Internet Domain Name System (Final Report of the Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process) (Sept. 3, 2001) (full-text) (Appendices).

Overview Edit

The Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process addressed these outstanding issues that had not been resolved during the WIPO First WIPO Internet Domain Name Process. These issues would arise in the event of the bad faith, abusive, misleading, or unfair use of:

On March 13, 2006, ICANN informed the WIPO Secretariat that while it had not been possible to achieve consensus among ICANN’s constituencies concerning the recommendations of the Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process, that progress might be possible with regard to the protection of names and acronyms of IGOs. Subsequently, ICANN staff recommended in 2007 that new gTLD agreements may provide for protection of the names and acronyms of IGOs at the second level through a Dispute Resolution Procedure (separate from the UDRP) incorporated in New gTLD contracts. To date such a policy remains under consideration for implementation.

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