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Citation Edit

Commission on Online Child Protection, Final Report of the COPA Commission Presented to Congress (Oct. 20, 2000) (full-text).

Overview Edit

On October 20, 2000, the Commission on Online Child Protection submitted its final report to Congress. After consideration of the information gathered through hearings and comments filed by a wide range of parties, the Commission concluded that no single technology or method will effectively protect children from harmful material online. Rather, the Commission determined that a combination of public education, consumer empowerment technologies and methods, increased enforcement of existing laws, and industry action was needed to address the concern. The Commission's specific recommendations were as follows:

  • Public Education:
  • Consumer Empowerment Efforts:
  • Resources should be allocated for the independent evaluation of child protection technologies and to provide reports to the public about the [[capabilities of these technologies.
  • Industry should take steps to improve child protection mechanisms, and make them more accessible online.
  • A broad, national, private sector conversation should be encouraged on the development of next-generation systems for labeling, rating, and identifying content reflecting the convergence of old and new media.
  • Government should encourage the use of technology in efforts to make children's experience on the Internet safe and useful.
  • Law Enforcement:

Industry Action:

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