Citation Edit

Federal Trade Commission, Fighting Identity Theft: A Law Enforcer’s Resource (2007).

Overview Edit

The FTC created a CD-ROM exclusively for law enforcement titled "Fighting Identity Theft: A Law Enforcer’s Resource." The CD-ROM, released in fall 2007, contains a variety of resources for law enforcement and first responders to assist victims in the recovery process, such as sample letters that can be sent to businesses requesting that they provide, without subpoena, all records related to the identity theft to both the victim and the investigating agency.

The CD-ROM also offers advice on coordinating with other law enforcers, raising community awareness about identity theft, and advising local businesses about data security. Moreover, the CD-ROM contains links to relevant laws and explains how law enforcement can access the FTC’s Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse, which contains over 1.6 million searchable consumer complaints.

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