Definition Edit

A Field Intelligence Group (FIG) is

[t]he centralized intelligence component in a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field office that is responsible for the management, execution, and coordination of intelligence functions within the field office region.[1]

Overview Edit

The purpose of the Field Intelligence Groups (FIG) as described by the FBI is to

manage and coordinate intelligence functions in the field. The FIGs are the mechanism through which the FBI contributes to regional and local perspectives on a variety of issues, including the receipt of and action on integrated investigative and intelligence requirements. In addition, FIGs provide the intelligence link to the Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF), Fusion Centers, FBIHQ, and other intelligence community agencies. FIGs are staffed by intelligence analysts (IAs), special agents (SAs), language analysts (LAs), and surveillance specialists.[2]
A FIG's principal mission is to identify intelligence gaps, obtain and analyze raw intelligence from FBI investigations and sources, and generate intelligence products and disseminate them to the intelligence and law enforcement communities in order to help guide investigations, programs, and policy. Arguably, the mission of the FIGs is nothing less than to "drive," or inform the direction of, the FBI's counterterrorism effort by identifying, assessing, and attacking emerging threats "before they flourish."[3]

References Edit

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