Definition Edit

A femtocell(s)

[is] a low-­power access point, based on mobile cellular technology, providing wireless voice and broadband services to customers with a limited range within a home or in an office environment. Femtocells connect to the mobile operator's network facilities via a standard consumer broadband connection, such as DSL, cable or fiber.[1]
are small wireless devices that can provide wireless coverage over a particular area, such as a building or city block, to relieve congestion and free up capacity on commercial networks.[2]

Overview Edit

"Data to and from the femtocell is carried over the Internet ­ or at least, over an Internet technology­-based network provided by an Internet Service Provider. The wireless subscriber connects to the femtocell via the normal cellular service technologies just as if he/she were using a conventional macro-cellular network connection."[3]

References Edit

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