Definition Edit

A feed aggregator is a website that contains material from a number of websites organized into various “feeds,” typically arranged by source, topic, or story.

Overview Edit

Feed aggregators often draw their material from a particular type of source, such as news websites or blogs, although some feed aggregators will contain content from more than one type of source. Some well known examples are Yahoo! News (and its sister site, My Yahoo!) and Google News. Feed aggregators generally display the headline of a story, and sometimes the first few lines of the story’s lede, with a link to where the rest of the story appears on the original website. The name of the originating website is often listed as well.

Source Edit

  • Kimberley Isbell & the Citizen Media Law Project, "The Rise of the News Aggregator: Legal Implications and Best Practices" 2 (2010) (full-text).

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