Overview Edit

The Federal Web Managers Council ("Web Council") is an interagency group of senior federal government web managers who collaborate to share common challenges, ideas, and best practices, and improve the online delivery of U.S. Government information and services. Membership is limited to Web and New Media Directors from federal Cabinet agencies, as well as designated Congressional support agencies and major independent and sub-agencies that deliver top citizen tasks.

Originally called the "Web Content Management Working Group," the Web Council was established at the request of Office of Management and Budget by the Interagency Committee on Government Information (ICGI) in January 2004. The original mission was to recommend policies and guidelines for all federal public websites, to comply with Sections 207(f)(1) and (2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 and with other requirements. Our group issued its recommendations to the ICGI in June 2004. These recommendations and best practices became the foundation for this website.

Today, the Web Council has grown into a dynamic and influential community of practice, and guides the work of several Sub-Councils, as well as the larger U.S. government web community known as the Web Content Managers Forum.

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