Overview Edit

The NTIA Federal Spectrum Management System (FSMS) implements improved data capture and analysis capabilities to support the Federal spectrum management needs of the U.S. Government by identifying and managing spectrum for Federal use, and to identify and release spectrum for non-Federal use. Mission-critical Federal Operations depend on prompt NTIA action on spectrum requests, so NTIA's primary spectrum management mission is to fulfill Federal Agency Spectrum Requirements. NTIA established the FSMS investment to tackle these challenges.

The FSMS investment will deliver to NTIA and the Federal Spectrum Community: 1) Improved data capture and analysis capabilities, including an expanded data model for system characterization and compliance and data integrity checks at point of data entry; 2) enhanced engineering algorithms that identify available frequencies in congested environments; 3) an easy-to-use interface; and 4) a secure environment that provides improved control over access to spectrum information.

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