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Federal Information Resources Management Regulation (FIRMR), 41 C.F.R. Chapter 201 (full-text). This regulation was abolished per Federal Register notification on July 24, 1996 (full-text), pursuant to the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 (ITMRA) (now redesignated as the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996).

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The Federal Information Resources Management Regulation (FIRMR). established in 1984, governs the acquisition, management, and use of ADP and telecommunications resources. It also applies to the creation, maintenance, and use of Federal records. The FIRMR combined aspects of the Federal Property Management Regulation (FPMR) and the Federal Procurement Regulation (FPR) (which preceded the FAR) into a single directive to help ensure that information resources are acquired, managed, and used in a manner that improves service delivery and program management, increases productivity, reduces waste and fraud, and minimizes paperwork burdens.

The FIRMR is used in conjunction with the FAR to support the acquisition of FIP resources. The FIRMR relies on the FAR's general policies and procedures and, where necessary, contains policies and procedures that are either in addition to, or take precedence over, the FAR. The FIRMR also requires Federal agencies not subject to the FAR to follow the FAR when acquiring FIP resources subject to the FIRMR.

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