Definition Edit

Fantasy football

refers to a game in which participants simulate management responsibilities of the roster of a NFL team by, among other things, (1) scouting, drafting, and trading players on their teams; (2) adding and dropping players; and (3) otherwise manipulating the team's roster over the course of the season-long competition.[1]

Overview Edit

At or prior to the start of the NFL regular season, participants, often referred to as 'owners,' select NFL players for their team rosters though either a “draft” system or by bidding in an 'auction.' After the participants have filled their rosters through the draft or auction, a season-long competition ensues based on the actual players' performances during the regular season games in designated statistical categories. Id. To be successful in managing their rosters during the course of the fantasy football season, participants access 'sports news information such as performance statistics, player reviews, injury updates,' and other information regarding the players and their respective NFL teams. Frequent communication and exchange of ideas with other fantasy football participants is a regular aspect of playing the game. Broadly speaking, the winner in a given fantasy football league usually is either (1) the participant whose roster of players, at the end of the NFL regular season, has the highest totals in the designated statistical categories or (2) the participant who has the best overall record in numerous head-to-head games against other participants. Providers of fantasy football games typically track, compile, and post the publicly available statistics of the players to enable their customers, the participants, to see whose team is winning and to aid the participants in deciding which players to add, drop, trade, or start each week.[2]

References Edit

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