Citation Edit

False Identification Crime Control Act of 1982, Pub. L. No. 97-398, 96 Stat. 2009 (Dec. 31, 1982), adding 18 U.S.C §§1028, 1738.

Overview Edit

The Act was passed to prohibit fraud in connection with identification documents. The act added two new statutes, "Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents"[1] and "Mailing private identification documents without a disclaimer”[2]

Violators face fines and/or imprisonment for producing or transferring an identification document known it to be false or stolen. The Act also prohibited producing, transferring, or possessing a document-making device with the intent to produce false identification documents. However, the usage of the word "document" indicated that a defendant would have to actually possess the physical identification.

References Edit

  1. 18 U.S.C. §1028.
  2. Id. §1738, repealed by Pub. L. No. 106-578.

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