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FTE (full-time equivalent)

[r]eflects the total number of regular straight-time hours (i.e., not including overtime or holiday hours) worked by employees divided by the number of compensable hours applicable to each fiscal year. Annual leave, sick leave, and compensatory time off and other approved leave categories are considered to be 'hours worked' for purposes of defining FTE employment.[1]
[is a] calculation used to determine an organization's number of full-time equivalent jobs, defined as total hours worked in a time period divided by what is the standard number of hours worked in a full-time job in that time period (e.g., if a full-time employee typically works 2,000 hours in a year, and an organization's employees worked 5,000 hours in a year, the organization had 2.5 FTEs, which is 5,000 divided by 2,000).[2]

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