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Citation Edit

Department of Homeland Security, Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) Reference Architecture (FISM 11-01) (Ver. 2.0) (Aug. 24, 2011) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This memorandum informs the heads of Executive Branch civilian departments and agencies of the revised TIC Reference Architecture v2.0.

The TIC Reference Architecture v2.0 introduces new, and clarifies existing mandatory critical capabilities. In addition to mandatory critical capabilities, the TIC Reference Architecture v2.0 includes recommended capabilities based on evolving technologies and threats. Recommended capabilities are considered desirable, but do not have well-defined standards due to evolving technologies, threats, or requirements. TIC Access Providers (TICAPs) and Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS) providers should plan for recommended TIC capabilities, and implement them as federal and industry standards are more fully defined.

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