Overview Edit

In September 2009, the FGDC Steering Committee chartered the FGDC Coordination Group, which is charged with identifying, prioritizing, implementing, coordinating, and overseeing strategies and tasks required to support the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI. One of its objectives is to advance intra- and inter-government coordination to ensure implementation of NSDI and to enhance the management of the federal geospatial enterprise and national geospatial data sets. The other objectives appear to align with the goal of improving coordination within the federal government, to meet the responsibilities outlined in OMB Circular No. A-16.

The members of the FGDC Coordination Group include agency and department members of the FGDC, and 11 additional members (two non-voting) representing agencies of the federal government. Individual members of the Coordination Group are responsible for coordinating their agencies' OMB Circular No. A-16 responsibilities, according the FGDC Coordination Group charter.

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