Overview Edit

The Export Promotion Data System was established by Congress in 1988. Title 15, U.S.Code, Section 4906 provides that:

Within 2 years after August 23, 1988, the Secretary of Commerce shall establish the Data Bank. The Secretary shall manage the Data Bank. The Data Bank shall consist of two data systems, to be designated the International Economic Data System . . . and the Export Promotion Data System.

The statute provides:

The export promotion data system shall include data and information collected by the Federal Government on the industrial sectors and markets of foreign countries which are determined by the Secretary (after consultation required by section 4904 of this title) to be of the greatest interest to United States business firms that are engaged in export-related activities and to Federal and State agencies that promote exports, while providing for the confidentiality of proprietary business information, and shall be designed to use the most effective means of disseminating data and information electronically through the Department, or Department-designated offices, or through other available data bases in an accurate and timely manner. Such data system shall monitor, organize, and disseminate selected information on —
(1) specific business opportunities in foreign countries;
(2) specific industrial sectors within foreign countries with high export potential such as —
(A) size of the market;
(B) distribution of products;
(C) competition;
(D) significant applicable laws, regulations, specifications, and standards;
(E) appropriate government officials; and
(F) trade associations and other contact points; and
(3) foreign countries generally, such as —
(A) the general economic conditions;
(B) common business practices;
(C) significant tariff and trade barriers; and
(D) other significant laws and regulations regarding imports, licensing, and the protection of intellectual property;
(4) export financing information, including the availability, through public sources of funds for United States exporters and foreign competitors;
(5) transactions involving barter and countertrade; and
(6) any other similar information, that the Secretary determines to be useful in carrying out the purposes of this chapter.

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