Citation Edit

Executive Office of the President, Executive Order 12931, Federal Procurement Reform (Oct. 13, 1994) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The President issued Executive Order 12931 "to ensure effective and efficient spending of public funds through fundamental reforms in Government procurement." Among its provisions, this order requires agencies to:

  • Ensure that procurement organizations set goals, measure results, and meet customer needs.
  • Designate an agency procurement executive to oversee the development of procurement goals and guidelines, measure and evaluate performance against goals, and enhance the career development of the acquisition workforce.
  • Provide Government purchase cards to users to take advantage of FASA's micro-purchase authority.
  • Use simplified acquisition procedures, when applicable.
  • Buy commercial products, emphasize contractors' past performance, and promote best value.
  • Replace rules, reporting requirements, certifications, and other administrative practices that are not required by statute with guiding principles that reward innovation.

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