Citation Edit

The White House, Executive Order 10995: Assigning Telecommunications Management Functions, 27 Fed. Reg. 1519 (Feb. 16, 1962) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This Executive Order established the position of Director of Telecommunications Management, who shall:

(a) Coordinate telecommunications activities of the executive branch of the Government and be responsible for the formulation, after consultation with appropriate agencies, of overall policies and standards therefor. He shall promote and encourage the adoption of uniform policies and standards by agencies authorized to operate telecommunications systems. Agencies shall consult with the Director of Telecommunications Management in the development of policies and standards for the conduct of their telecommunications activities within the overall policies of the executive branch.

(b) Develop data with regard to U.S. Government frequency requirements. (c) Encourage appropriate research and development activities. (d) Contract for studies and reports related to any aspect of his responsibilities.

This Executive Order also delegates to the Director of Telecommunications Management the President's authority under section 305 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, to assign radio frequencies to Government agencies at the President's discretion.

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