Overview Edit

The mission of the European Local Authorities Network for the Information Society (ELANET) is to aid governments in the area of eGovernment and the Information Society at a local and regional level. In particular ELANET supports the advancement of the Digital Local Agenda (DLA) as a Community of Practice of eGovernment experts who can explore and use new paradigms of the internet in the following ways:

  • to contribute to the contents and development of methodologies for the DLA;
  • to encourage and promote the participation of new experts in launching DLA processes throughout Europe;
  • to carry-out promotional initiatives for the Community of Practice within individual countries and at European level, such as EISCO;
  • to participate in European projects like ADDME! and CEMSDI that have been prepared by members of ELANET and other partners to promote eCapacity Building of civil servants and other practitioners in inclusive eGovernment planning and deployment using the DLA as a main instrument.

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