Citation Edit

European Commission, Europe's Way to the Information Society: An Action Plan (COM(94)347 final) (July 19, 1994) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This Communication, a follow-up to the Bangemann Report, presents an overview of the European Commission's work programme on the information society. It constitutes an action framework within which a series of relevant policies will be articulated and more specialized Communications will be released.

This document covers four areas:

  • The regulatory and legal framework, for which new proposals will be made, in particular regarding telecommunications infrastructure and services, on the protection of intellectual property rights and of privacy, on media concentration, as well as the updating of the "rules of the game" for the free movement of TV broadcast in the Community;
  • Networks, basic services, applications, and content, where there is a need to bring the parties concerned together in order to stimulate the development of applications in the areas proposed by the High Level Group and endorsed by the European Council;
  • Social, societal and cultural aspects, including the linguistic and cultural dimensions of the information society stressed by the European Council; and
  • promotion of the information society in order to increase public awareness and support.

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