Overview Edit

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) is the not-for-profit international trade association dedicated to advancing the interests of the home entertainment industry. EMA's mission is to promote, protect, and provide a forum for the common business interests of those engaged in the sale, rental, and licensed reproduction of entertainment software such as DVDs and videogames.

History Edit

The EMA was established in 2006 through the merger of the Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association (IEMA) and the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA).

Composition Edit

EMA represents more than 1,000 companies throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations. Its members operate more than 20,000 retail outlets in the U.S. that sell and/or rent DVDs and computer and console videogames. Membership comprises the full spectrum of retailers (from single-store specialists to multi-line mass merchants), distributors, the home video divisions of major and independent motion picture studios, videogame publishers, and other related businesses that constitute and support the home entertainment industry.

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