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U.S. Department of Defense Edit

An Enterprise First approach is a cultural shift to transform the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) from a coalition of Departments and Agencies with their mission‐specific sets of systems, processes, governance, and controls to a more seamless, coordinated, unified, and integrated data-centric enterprise information environment.

The Department's efforts in general will be directed to reduce reliance on non‐shareable, dedicated infrastructures. Components will be incentivized to rely on shared, virtualized infrastructure through a utility or cloud computing delivery model. Legacy IT systems will be migrated to a shared computing capability wherever practical.

Adopting an Enterprise First approach will reduce the acquisition and maintenance of dedicated, program‐specific resources. The desired outcome is the transformation of the Department to an Enterprise Cloud Environment with common standards, consolidated cybersecurity, continuity of operations, IA, resilience, and centralized governance.

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