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An enterprise is

[a]n organization with a defined mission/goal and a defined boundary, using information systems to execute that mission, and with responsibility for managing its own risks and performance. An enterprise may consist of all or some of the following business aspects: acquisition, program management, financial management (e.g., budgets), human resources, security, and information systems, information and mission management.[1]

General Edit

An enterprise consists of one or more organizations cooperatively engaged in achieving a common goal.

An enterprise is a

(1) Company or organization. (2) Subpart of a company or organization. (3) Business of a customer.[2]


As defined in 18 U.S.C. § 1961, an enterprise

includes any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated ... although not [necessarily] a legal entity.

In Boyle v. United States,[3] the U.S. Supreme Court held that an "enterprise" must have some structure, but declined to require "an ascertainable structure beyond that inherent in the pattern of racketeering activity." To require the jury in a criminal case to find an enterprise had an ascertainable structure, the Court concluded, would be "redundant and potentially misleading."

References Edit

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