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Biometrics Edit

An end user is person who interacts with a biometric system to enroll or have his/her identity checked.

Computer and Internet systems Edit

An end user (also spelled end-user) is

a user not providing public communications networks or publicly available electronic communications services.[1]

End users are

[r]esidential, business, institutional, or government entities who use services for their own purposes and who do not resell such services to other entities.[2]

General Edit

An end user is

[a] firm or individual that purchases products for its own consumption and not for resale (i.e., an ultimate consumer).[3]

IP addresses Edit

An end user is

[a]n entity receiving assignments of IP addresses exclusively for use in operational networks, not for reassignment to other organisations.[4]
the person who ultimately makes authorized use of a product or service.

The end-user may often not be the same as the person who may have purchased the product or service. For example, a coffee shop owner may purchase connectivity for use by his or her customers; in that scenario, the coffee shop customers, and not the coffee shop owner, represent the actual "end-users," even though they did not directly contract with an ISP for the connectivity they're using.

A party, such as a hacker/cracker who makes use of a product or service without the authorization of the purchaser, would normally be considered a cyber intruder and not an "end-user" per se.[5]

References Edit

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