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Definitions Edit

An enclave (also called system of systems) is

[a] collection of local computing devices interconnected via LAN, governed by a single security policy, regardless of physical location.[1]
[a]n environment that is under the control of a single authority and has a homogeneous security policy, including personnel and physical security. Local and remote elements that access resources within an enclave must satisfy the policy of the enclave. Enclaves can be specific to an organization or a mission and may also contain multiple networks. They may be logical, such as an operational area network (OAN), or be based on physical location and proximity. The enclave encompasses both the network layer and the host and applications layer.[2]
[a] [c]ollection of computing environments connected by one or more internal networks under the control of a single authority and security policy, including personnel and physical security. Enclaves always assume the highest mission assurance category and security classification of the AIS applications or outsourced IT-based processes they support, and derive their security needs from those systems. They provide standard IA capabilities such as boundary defense, incident detection and response, and key management, and also deliver common applications such as office automation and electronic mail. . . . Enclaves may be specific to an organization or a mission, and the computing environments may be organized by physical proximity or by function independent of location. Examples of enclaves include local area networks and the applications they host, backbone networks, and data processing centers.[3]

References Edit

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