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Overview Edit

Emergency Support Function #2 (ESF #2) refers to

[c]ommunications [that] ensures the provision of Federal telecommunications support to Federal, State, and local response efforts following a presidentially declared major disaster, emergency, or extraordinary situation under the Federal Response Plan (FRP). This ESF supplements the provisions of the "National Plan for Telecommunications Support in Non-Wartime Emergencies," hereafter referred to as the National Telecommunications Support Plan (NTSP).

Overview Edit

ESF #2 coordinates Federal actions to be taken to provide the required national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) telecommunications support to Federal, State, and local disaster response elements. This ESF coordinates the establishment of required temporary NS/EP telecommunications and the restoration of permanent telecommunications. Where appropriate, services may be furnished under provisions of the Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) system. ESF #2 applies to all Federal departments and agencies that may require telecommunications services or whose telecommunications assets may be employed during a disaster response.

Source Edit

  • Emergency Support Function #2 Communications Annex (full-text).

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