Definition Edit

Electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO)

is the] planning, coordinating, and managing joint use of the electromagnetic spectrum through operational, engineering, and administrative procedures.[1]
consist of electromagnetic spectrum operational planning and frequency management.[2]

Overview Edit

The objective of electromagnetic spectrum operations is to enable electronic systems that rely on wireless connectivity to perform their functions in the intended environment without causing or suffering unacceptable frequency interference. EMSO incorporates spectrum management, frequency assignments, policy implementation, and host nation coordination that enables the efficient use of the EMS battlespace for combat operations. EMSO enable and support wireless extensions of many networked communications systems, all subdivisions of electronic warfare (EW), and many other information management systems that support the six U.S. Army functional concepts of Battle Command, See, Strike, Move, Protect, and Sustain. EMSO consists of planning, operating, and coordinating the use of the EMS through operational, engineering, administrative, and policy implementation procedures.

References Edit

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  2. Joint Publication 6-0, at III-16.

Source Edit

  • U.S. Army, "Concept Capability Plan for Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations for the Future Modular Force 2015-2024," at 5 (TRADOC Pamphlet 525-7-16) (Ver. 1.0) (Dec. 28, 2007) (full-text).

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