Overview Edit

In the Egypt ICT 2020 Strategy, The Egyptian Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT) strives to achieve the digital economy through the use of ICT tools to provide prosperity, freedom and social equity for all. Its mission is to enable the development of a knowledge-based society and a strong digital economy relying on equitable and affordable access to knowledge; digital rights; and the development of a competitive, innovative national ICT industry.

The strategy focuses on three key objectives: the transformation of Egypt into a digital society, the development of the ICT industry and the establishment of Egypt as a global digital hub.

To achieve these objectives, MCIT has paid close attention to the basic infrastructure; information infrastructure and digital content; electronics design and manufacturing; community development; ICT industry programs and initiatives; cyber security and e-signature; and legislative and policies framework.

In the formulation of this strategy, the primary considerations were the political and economic changes taking place in Egypt, the development of the communications sector both regionally and internationally and Egypt's national development priorities, in addition to the achievements and challenges of the sector over the last decade.

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