Definitions Edit

Easter eggs are

[any] [h]idden functionality within an application program, which becomes activated when an undocumented, and often convoluted, set of commands and keystrokes are entered. Easter eggs are typically used to display the credits for the development team and are intended to be non-threatening.[1]
messages, events, or effects hidden by game developers that are typically not encountered during regular game play, or require inside knowledge to catch, if they are. They often contain programmer signatures, homages to earlier titles, advertisements for upcoming games, or genre in-jokes.[2]

Overview Edit

Microsoft used to plant easter eggs in its software in the form of racing and action games in Excel and other office programs, and may still.

In videogames, issues occasionally arise when this content has not been reviewed or rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). This practice can result in games being recalled and/or ratings being changed as well as providing the basis for private lawsuits and federal investigations.

References Edit

  1. NIST, Special Publication 800-28.
  2. Preserving Virtual Worlds Final Report 30 (Aug. 31, 2010).

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