Overview Edit

The ERLink (Emergency Response Link)

was initiated and is maintained by the NCS. It is a controlled access Web site that is accessible via the Internet and dial-up modem. ERLink was established to enable electronic information sharing and rapid exchange of information in support of disaster response planning and operations among the participants in the Federal Response Plan (FRP) and State and local governments. FRP agencies can upload and download emergency response reports, documents, and related disaster information. Several agencies with NS/EP responsibilities (e.g., Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), GSA, NCS, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC]) use ERLink to view disaster information from Government agencies and the response procedures used, identify agencies responsible for the 12 emergency support functions (ESF), and identify points of contact (POC) in the various ESF-defined regions across the country. In addition, ERLink mirrors data from the National Hurricane Center and hosts the FEMA Daily Report, which is a synopsis of current activities, status of declarations, and observations of pending events.[1]

References Edit

  1. Internet Report, An Examination of the NS/EP Implications of Internet Technologies, at 8.

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