Citation Edit

European Network and Information Security Agency, EISAS – European Information Sharing and Alert System: A Feasibility Study 2006/2007 (full-text).

Overview Edit

There are many systems and initiatives across Europe that have the goal of disseminating appropriate and timely information on Network and Information Security (NIS) vulnerabilities, threats, risks and alerts, as well as sharing good practices. ENISA was asked to analyse the current state of affairs as regards such systems and initiatives in the public and the private sectors in the EU Member States and to identify possible sources of security information that could potentially contribute to a European Information Sharing and Alert System (EISAS).

The study concludes that the most effective level of involvement for the European Union in the establishment and operation of an information sharing system for its home-users and SMEs would be that of a facilitator, moderator of discussion and a "keeper of good practice." The report closes with proposals for the next steps to be taken and a "proof of concept" scenario.

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