Citation Edit

European Commission, eEurope 2005: An Information Society for All, COM(2002) 263 final (full-text).

Overview Edit

The 2005 Action Plan succeeds the 2002 Action Plan, which mainly focused on Internet connectivity in Europe.

This Action Plan was based on the recognition that high-speed connectivity (broadband) stimulates the use of the Internet by enabling the usage of more sophisticated applications and services. eEurope 2005 aimed to stimulate a positive feedback between infrastructure upgrading and service development. To this end it set out to create more favorable conditions for the deployment of infrastructure — often called the "supply side" of the broadband equation — and to support the development of services — the "demand side" — within a more secure digital environment. Finally, it also attempted to make the benefits of the Information Society available to the socially excluded the people with special needs.

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