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E-Government Survey 2008: From e-Government to Connected Governance

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Citation Edit

United Nations, e-Government Survey 2008: From e-Government to Connected Governance (ST/ESA/PAD/SER.E/112) (2008) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This publication assessee the e-government readiness of the 192 Member States of the UN according to a quantitative composite index of e-readiness based on website assessment, telecommunications infrastructure, and human resource endowment. ICTs can help reinvent government in such a way that existing institutional arrangements can be restructured and new innovative arrangements can flourish, paving the way for a transformed government.

The focus of the report is e-government initiatives directed at improving operational efficiency through the integration of back-office functions. While such initiatives, if successful, will deliver benefits to citizens, the primary purpose is to improve the effectiveness of government and governmental agencies.

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