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Definitions Edit

(noun) A download is

a transmission of an electronic file containing a digital copy of a musical work that is sent from an on-line server to a local hard drive.[1]

(verb) To download is

[t]o transfer a copy of a file from a remote computer to a requesting computer by means of a modem or network.[2]

Overview Edit

To begin the downloading process, the client establishes a connection to the server, which transmits the file over the Internet to the client, where the file is saved — generally stored on the client’s hard drive — for future use. Once saved, the file can be audibly played by the client and copied to various portable devices.

Providers sometimes attach conditions to the download and playback of a sound recording, such as the maintenance of a current subscription to the provider or a limitation of the number of times the audio file may be reproduced.


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  2. Privacy Technology Focus Group Final Report, App. B, at 53.

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