Definition Edit

Document and media exploitation (DOMEX) is

is the processing, translation, analysis, and dissemination of collected hardcopy documents and electronic media that are under the U.S. Government's physical control and are not publicly available.[1]

Overview Edit

"Threat intent, capabilities, and limitations may be derived through the exploitation of captured materials. Captured materials are divided into captured enemy documents and captured enemy materiel.

"DOMEX is an increasingly specialized, full-time mission requiring advanced automation and communications support, analytical support, and expert linguists. When conducted properly, DOMEX tasks are intended to

  • Maximize the value of intelligence gained from captured enemy documents.
  • Provide the commander with timely and relevant intelligence to effectively enhance awareness of the threat's capabilities, operational structures, and intent.
  • Assist in criminal prosecution or legal proceedings by maintaining chain of custody procedures and preserving the evidentiary value of captured materials."[2]

References Edit

  1. ADRP 2-0, at 4-11.
  2. Id.

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